Team Work

Teamwork Workshops build and support highly motivated, effective teams.

We customize the topics, emphasis, and interactive challenges in order to build the precise capabilities your team needs, based on their current abilities.

Teamwork Skills

Stages of Team Development Experience the four stages of becoming a world-class team: forming, storming, norming and high-performing. Then, find out where your team "lives" and experience the shift from independence to interdependence.

Decision-Making Learn the right decision-making process for your team and how to gain consensus without sacrificing relationships.

Problem-Solving Different perspectives and approaches can be synthesized to achieve great results if your team knows how.

Feedback More than just a communication skill, feedback is vital to the success of an organization. We provide a comprehensive curriculum to address each aspect.

  • Interpersonal Feedback Skills
  • Feedback Systems: organizational feedback

Visioning and Action-Planning From brainstorming to action planning, we offer several ways to help your team share the vision and agree upon the course that will be followed.

  • Visioning Hike
  • Active Forum

FIRO (B) and Team Dynamics Our individual differences can either work for our teams or against our teams. You can maximize your team’s talents and preferences when you can see them for what they are.