The Leadership Series

Our leadership series is comprised of three levels (individual, team and organizational) with four modules per level. Each level builds upon the other, so whether you're developing future leaders who may or may not have direct reports, or advancing key individuals along leadership succession plans, we can address you and your team's needs starting from their current level of competency.

Level One: Foundations of Leadership

During the Foundation of Leadership modules, we will expose you to the skills sets that everyone needs in order to be self-directed. You can be a powerful agent for change, an influencer during the adoption of a new initiative, or a model of productivity and commitment.

  • The Leader’s Role in Stages of Team Development
  • Communication & Leadership
  • Delegation
  • FIRO (B) and Personal Effectiveness

Level Two: Team Leadership

Your role as a leader changes once you have direct reports. To guide a team, you must learn how to facilitate group processes in order to streamline work flow, minimize interpersonal conflict and align with organizational goals. The modules of Team Leadership facilitate a shift from practicing skills to learning how to teach these skill sets to others.

  • Problem-solving for Leaders
  • Decision-making for Leaders
  • Conflict Management
  • Effective Meetings

Level Three: Organizational Leadership

The third tier of The AAI Leadership Series is Organizational Leadership. While the first tier focused on mastering skills, and the second tier focused on facilitating the use of those skills with teams, the top tier is about self-mastery. Know yourself. Express yourself. Control yourself. Control your interactions with others.

  • Storytelling
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Social Intelligence