Change Management

Managing organizational change is a complex process that requires both interpersonal skills and comprehensive support systems.

We’ve facilitated programs for teams forced to restructure, companies undergoing a major culture shift or merger and groups that just want to learn how to stay flexible and adaptable.

Planning for Transition Change can bring chaos as well as the opportunity for growth. Help your team to be ready to manage one and leverage the other.

Power of Intention Learn how to set a course amid changing tides by establishing new "rules of engagement." Your team can practice making commitments and living up to them.

Leveraging Company Culture Does your organization support change Does your team embrace new challenges Learn how to create an environment that is flexible and adaptable.

FIRO (B) and the Interpersonal Effectiveness

FIRO Business® Profile (R) 


Based on the well-respected Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO®) model, the FIRO Business®assessment is a 30-item instrument designed for international use, with scoring based on a normative sample of 2,801 employed adults representing 10 languages. It measures Expressed and Wanted interpersonal needs in three areas that affect work relationships: Involvement, Influence and Connection. The FIRO Business assessment helps organizations develop great leaders, while improving organizational performance.

Note: Administering and interpretining the FIRO Business Profile needs Certification. We are certified by CPP !