About iZone

iZone is a Promise of Transformation through experiential learning programs and other customised interventions. It creates a learning environment that helps individuals and organizations explore their potential, develop a spirit of enthusiasm, positivity and self-belief. iZone believes in creating a alternate learning journey that seeks to invoke the knowledge, ’draw out; rather than ’pour in’ awaken to the innate power that resides within..

iZone corporate programs are designed, directed and delivered by a set of professionals who have run organisations & teams. They bring knowledge of real life team challenges, group process work, organizational change, personal growth and leadership. An eclectic group of accomplished individuals that is sure to make an impact and add tremendous value to your organisation.

iZone was created to bring energy and excitement to the training industry. With the goal of driving real results in organizations via the experiential learning process where participants are engaged through highly interactive sessions, learning through games, business simulations and customized learning tools.


Amit Chowdhury, alumnus of IIM, Ahmedabad, Jadavpur University, Kolkata mountaineer, parachutist and paragliding enthusiast who has led several expeditions to the Himalayas including Mount Everest for which he was awarded the Vishist Seva Medal by the President of India. To deliver impactful training programs he uses his knowledge of how successful ascents are made by well skilled, disciplined and high performing teams to.achieve their goals. How does one lead a special breed of people; how do leaders elicit “peak” performance from themselves, their people and their processes. How do they clarify a common vision of their chosen summit. How do they plan their route and allocate roles and responsibilities to reach their peak. How do they take responsibility for developing the skills, knowledge and “climbing fitness” to reach their destination. How can team members be bound by the strength of their belief that their ascent is worthy and that they will succeed.

Amit brings with him valuable experience and leadership lessons from his expeditions and shares his experience of leading successful teams to climb Mount Everest, parachute into most difficult situations and fly around the world in microlight aircraft. Future leaders benefit enormously from his insights into leading high performing teams into unknown and ambiguous situations, making the links between what he does so successfully on the mountain with business today, you will be inspired, thrilled and more than ready to climb your own Everest

Skilled facilitator, coach and OD analyst, Wing Commander Chowdhury took early retirement from the IAF to bring to the corporate world his rich experience of working with senior teams, designing and facilitating motivational, team and personal development programs. He has facilitated learning initiatives for several corporate clients and participants on his program have included CEO's and senior teams from ITC, Nokia, Group M, Mediaedge, Mindshare, Kinetic, Comprotech, Tata Interactive Services, ICI Paints, Microsoft, Vodaphone, Oracle, Foster Wheeler, INX Media and Brittania among others and is a accredited facilitator for administering the FIRO-B® and FIRO Business® instruments.


Tirthankar Dash B.E (Electronics& Telecom) and an MBA with 14 years of collective experience in the corporate landscape covering industries of engineering, advertising, consumer goods, petrochemicals, research & consulting, in India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam. Tirthankar has competencies in marketing, organisational process management and life enhancement skills training. Tirthankar has been a guest faculty in business schools and training institutions. Takes time off from his consulting work to fulfil his passion for developing capabilities among individuals young and old.

Tirthankar sees himself as a mystery hunter and a storyteller. By profession he tries to make sense of human behavior so that brands and businesses could use learnings to transact more meaningfully with the human universe, " I chase mysteries & stories in remote corners of the universe, in things, beings, happenings", he says about his passion.

Tirthankar's broad experience makes him a strong client advocate who has a deep understanding of the training issues facing organizations in today’s competitive marketplace. As a learning facilitator he is much sought after for his extremely engaging sessions.


Vineet Panchi. An MBA from XLRI, Vineet is a genuine training professional. Its been said about him that " He very pleasantly displays and lives out very 'progressive and contemporary' thinking in OD". Vineet designs training programs to simulate work situations, challenging the way participants behave and allowing them to practice and learn collaboration. He incorporates his qualifications and experience in HR with his expertise as a trainer and consultant to facilitate training programs that maximise learning, participant involvement and enjoyment. Traditional and experiential approaches combine seamlessly and effectively for a diverse range of companies seeking to improve teamwork within and across their teams.

After selling shoes (Reebok) and speakers (Bose), later training (GE and Global Vantedge) and finally as an HR leader (E-Bookers, Carlson Wagonlit, Alchemist), Vineet discovered the exact location of his heart. Moved to the hills, and now produces audio content for Radio and Corporate, that gets played as jingles, presentations , films and sometimes as corporate anthems and songs. Never wants to go back to a large city, wants to ride his bike regularly, laughs a lot, and makes music. He is also a skilled facilitator and loves the outdoors.


Amit Dasgupta, with almost a decade of experience in training & teaching people, is an experiential educator, trained and mentored by some of the best brains in the facilitation industry. Amit has been instrumental in creating, training & coaching the largest & finest outdoor educators’ team in the country for over 5 years at Idiscovery. Amit’s specialty lies in content development & curriculum design for personal development programs, customized for a varied customer base. His in depth understanding of team dynamics & specific customer needs has enabled him in prescribing & administering interventions, leading to a paradigm shift & not just short term changes. He has been an integral part of delivery for several hundred programs for different clients, including senior leadership programs for Danone, HSBC & DBOI. A product of Delhi University, Amit is also a trained mountaineer and had led several expeditions to the Himalayas.

His “out-of-the-box” concepts, ideas, products, and services that have helped to promote organizational training.  have significantly influenced people and companies. 


Nikhil Juneja,  is a versatile, creative  and sought  after   training    professional with strong credentials in his over 16 years of experience. He  is  an  impactful   facilitator with    certifications  from    Dale    Carnegie and OSI,  USA. Before finding his passion in  people  development, Nikhil  has been a mentor to 5 start-ups.  He has been facilitating a variety of  behavioural programs for over 16 years. He  has many accolades to his name and the one that he is  most proud of, is  being able to turn around a dysfunctional team into one of the highest performing  teams in the organization. This is where his passion around  people  development comes from - he is passionate about helping people realise their   potential   and build   high    performing  teams. 

In  addition    to  his corporate   work    life,   Nikhil  has invested    more    than    6   years   as  an  external    consultant  having  facilitated impactful sessions for clients like  Mando,  Pepsi, Accenture,   Ameriprise, Dunhummby,  Adobe,  Iqor,   Convergys,  American Express to name    a   few. With   the added   advantage   of  having  worked  in  large   corporates  in  a   variety of  training    roles;  and the experience  of  being an    external    consultant  – Nikhil    is  able    to  bring   “reality-based” learning insights   and solutions   for his clients.    His workshops are   extremely relevant to today’s workforce   and he  is  passionate  about   leveraging  a   lot of  personal    examples    and stories that    bring   life    and context to  any workshop